Randox at MEDLAB Middle East 2019 - Stand No. Z5.B10

Location : World Trade Centre Dubai
  Date : 4th - 7th of February 2019

Quality Control

Complete QC solutions for results you can trust

Combining true third party controls designed to deliver unrivalled test menu consolidation, calibration verification material, interlaboratory data management software uniquely offering real-time peer group statistics and the world’s largest international EQA scheme, the Randox range of QC solutions is designed to streamline QC in even the most demanding laboratories.

If you would like more information about our products please visit our website: http://www.randox.com/acusera-laboratory-quality-control/


Leading provider of true third party controls

With over 390 parameters available in our Acusera range, choice and flexibility is guaranteed. Moreover the availability of truly independent third party controls coupled with the added advantages of highly accurate target values, excellent stability and unparalleled quality will enhance performance, save valuable time and minimise waste in any laboratory. Our comprehensive range of multi-analyte controls have been uniquely developed with user convenience in mind. By combining more than 100 parameters in a single vial, laboratories can significantly reduce the need for multiple, costly single analyte controls.

For more information visit: www.randox.com/acusera-laboratory-quality-control

Acusera 24.7

Online QC software with real-time peer group statistics

Designed to help you efficiently review QC data from multiple laboratory instruments on one centralised platform, Acusera 24.7allows quick and easy identification of QC failures and emerging trends.

Unique access to live peer group updates will reduce time and money spent troubleshooting, helping you to instantly discover if an issue is isolated to your lab or a widespread problem. The added benefit of automatically generated statistics including Sigma Scores, Measurement Uncertainty & Total Error as well as fully interactive charts & reports willenable quick and easy performance monitoring.

For more information visit: randox.com/acusera-24-7-interlaboratory-data-management


The world’s largest global EQA scheme

With over 45,000 laboratory participants in more than 133 countries, the Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme (RIQAS) is truly the largest international EQA provider in the world. Our comprehensive product offering currently covers over 360 parameters across 33 flexible programmes. Each RIQAS programe contains a unique combination of parameters meaning laboratories can significantly reduce the number of individual programs required while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Further benefits to a laboratory include accreditation to ISO 17043:2010, frequent reporting, reduced parameter options and access to comprehensive yet user-friendly reports.

For more information visit: www.randox.com/riqas-external-quality-assessment

Acusera Verify

Meet CLIA requirements with accuracy and ease

Acusera Linearity Sets are designed to challenge a larger section of an instruments reportable range and test if a system’s calibration is still valid. Our linearity materials cover a wide range of testing including, CRP, RF, Lipids, Therapeutic Drugs, Esoterics and more. Designed with user convenience in mind, all our linearity sets are supplied liquid ready-to-use, in varying levels. Our unique combination of analytes enables laboratories to reduce the number of individual products required while ultimately reducing costs and time.

Complimentary, cloud-based data reduction software is supplied with all linearity sets, providing a graphical representation of results for at-a-glance performance assessment.  Access to instantly updated peer group data and automatically generated statistics also helps to speed up data review.

For more information visit: www.randox.com/acuseraverify


Molecular Infectious Disease Control

Qnostics is a leading manufacturer of Third Party Quality Control solutions for Molecular Infectious Disease testing. Supplying microbiology/virology laboratories, molecular diagnostic assay manufacturers, EQA providers, pharmaceutical and CRO organisations for over a decade.

Designed to meet the demand of today’s molecular diagnostics laboratory and laboratories carrying out Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT), the Qnostics Molecular Infectious Disease range comprises hundreds of characterised viral, bacterial and fungal targets covering a wide range of Transplant Associated Diseases, Respiratory Infections, Blood Borne Viruses, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Gastrointestinal Diseases and Central Nervous System Diseases.

For more information visit:https://www.randox.com/molecular-infectious-disease-controls/


Molecular External Quality Control

QCMD is a world leading External Quality Assessment (EQA) / Proficiency Testing (PT) scheme, dedicated to improving the quality of molecular diagnostic assays used in the detection of infectious diseases.With an extensive database of over 2000 participants in over 100 countries, QCMD is one of the largest providers of molecular EQA in the field of infectious disease testing.

EQA participants receive an individual report outlining their performance relative to their method and technology groups. A supplementary report may be commissioned – this includes any additional relevant information regarding the annual EQA distribution, as well as scientific expert commentary and feedback on the overall results within that distribution.

For more information visit:https://www.randox.com/qcmd-molecular-eqa/