Randox at MEDLAB Middle East 2019 - Stand No. Z5.B10

Location : World Trade Centre Dubai
  Date : 4th - 7th of February 2019

Randox Biosciences is part of Randox Laboratories; a global invitro diagnostics (IVD) company dedicated to improving laboratory-based testing with over 35 years’ experience in biomarker assay development.

Randox Biosciences provides an extensive range of molecular and immunoassay-based solutions. Our long history in IVD development has resulted in the production of assays to highest quality standards. In addition to an extensive off-the-shelf menu, we provide tailored solutions to meet the individual needs of our research and clinical customers.

Assisting healthcare professionals to get it right the first time when they carry out their diagnostic testing is what we strive for when we develop our tests. Antimicrobial resistance is becoming more prevalent in healthcare with a massive emphasis on antibiotic stewardship. Our tests enable healthcare professionals to make informed treatment decisions due to our broad test menu.

Randox Biosciences is your trusted partner for supply and support of market leading assay solutions to the research, clinical, pharmaceutical and biopharma industries with consolidated test menus enabling a cost-effective solution for your diagnostic testing.

Academic Research

Randox Biosciences offer a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions for Academic Research to become more efficient, cost effective and accurate. These technologies, coupled with Randox’s excellent support, ensure you receive consistent results with a high level of accuracy.

We produce many of our products in house and provide flexibility when adapting to the methods of your research project. Therefore, whatever stage of the process you are at, we can provide you with a full range of arrays, biomarkers and analysers that will best fit your individual requirements.


Cardiovascular & Metabolic






Sports & Exercise




Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are increasingly investing in the research and development of new therapies to address the world’s growing need for earlier and more effective patient treatment. This rising demand has caused the pace of innovation in drug development, manufacture and delivery to accelerate rapidly. Additionally, the adoption of biologics in controlling diseases such as diabetes, inflammation and cancer has fuelled much of this innovation.

As an established IVD company, Randox Biosciences offers tailored diagnostic solutions to support faster, more effective and safe development of new drugs. We have a wide range of in house capabilities, ranging from the selection and patenting of novel Biomarkers; manufacture of bio reagents; production of single and multiplex IVD grade tests; quality control; provision of clinical laboratory services; regulatory expertise and worldwide distribution.

Clinical Laboratory

Clinical laboratories perform diagnostic testing utilising material directly obtained from the patient such as sputum, swab samples, cerebral spinal fluid to determine what infection or illness is affecting their health. Randox Biosciences offers diagnostic solutions covering a variety of disease areas including infectious disease, inherited diseases, mutation analysis and SNP genotyping. Our latest partnership with Bosch has enabled the launch of Vivalytic, a sample to answer molecular diagnostic platform.


Vivalytic enables sample-to-answer, cartridge based molecular diagnostics powered by Randox patented Biochip Array Technology (BAT). PCR, extraction and detection are combinable in a fully automated manner with minimal sample preparation required. Manual test preparation, cold chain reagents or the use of different devices are no longer required.

No further peripherals such as a laptop, keyboard, barcode or scanner or filling station are required making the Vivalytic a spacing saving hygienic solution for your molecular diagnostics.  The sample to result process is quicker than ever with results from 30 minutes, depending upon test complexity allowing healthcare professionals additional time to complete other important tasks.

Infectious Disease

  • Respiratory Tract Infection Array
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection Array

Inherited Disease

  • Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) Arrays I & II

Mutation Analysis

  • KRAS, BRAF & PIK3CA* Array

SNP Genotyping

  • Cardiac Risk Prediction Array


Randox Bio-Reagents have been developing and manufacturing antibodies, proteins and conjugates for over 35 years for use in Randox diagnostic kits including our patented Biochip Array Technology and ELISA testing kits. A custom development service is also available for all raw materials for biopharmaceutical and diagnostic industries. Our custom development services include polyclonal and monoclonal development, as well as our recombinant antibody fragments (sdAb, scFv, Fab).

Monoclonal Antibodies

Randox Biosciences offer over 60 monoclonal antibodies produced in sheep for use in research and commercial development. Sheep monoclonal antibodies have been shown to have higher affinities than standard mouse monoclonal antibodies and also have a much broader range of epitope recognition.

Polyclonal Antibodies

Randox Biosciences offer over 800 primary antibody products against biochemical markers, drugs of abuse and drug residues for use in both research and diagnostic development. All of our polyclonal antibodies are produced in sheep towards human and drug specific targets resulting in highly specific and sensitive antibodies suitable for a wide range of applications.

Recombinant Fragments

Randox Biosciences off the shelf offering includes a range of recombinant fragments including Single Chain Variable Fragments (scFv) and Single Domain Antibodies (sdAb). As part of our offering, we also provide a custom antibody development service.

Recombinant Proteins

Randox Biosciences provide an extensive range of human recombinant proteins specific to a wide range of biochemical markers including classic and novel proteins for use in ELISA kits, control and calibrator manufacture, antibody recognition assays. We can also supply the entire corresponding polyclonal antibody (protein pair) or conjugate for individual assay development.